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Window Surveys present the results of a visual examination of existing facilities window systems including clerestory, curtain wall and entrance  systems.  The surveys purpose is to sufficiently determine the condition of existing window systems in order to provide our clients with recommendations and budgets required to maintain or restore the water integrity.  As a result of the visual survey windows requiring additional investigation utilizing non-destructive and destructive methods are identified.  IRS provides our clients with a proposed scope of work, justification for the additional investigation and our opinion of probable cost.  In many instances a visual survey of existing wall system is completed in conjunction with the window survey.

  • Construction Document Review: IRS reviews original construction prints that may be available to identify deviations in the actual construction from those stated in the documents.  This verification is completed visually, unless destructive testing is required and authorized in writing.

  • Window Conditions and Photographs:  IRS examines each window's general appearance and condition, analyzing its appearance, condition and construction to the extent possible.  Observed conditions, including its general condition, areas of excessive deterioration, staining, and the presence of any contaminants and/or previous repairs are noted on the CAD elevation drawings, if applicable.  The locations of specific problem windows are recorded on the CAD elevation drrawings, if applicable.  Digital photographs are utilized to document observed deficiencies and are located on the CAD elevation drawings, if applicable and included as part of the written report.

  • Window Conditions and Photographs:  If applicable, IRS will examine the wass on each elevation to identify their general appearance, condition and construction. Deficiencies will be located on the CAD elevation drawings, if applicable. Digital photographs of any observed deficiencies will be referenced on the CAD elevation drawings, if applicable and included as part of the surveys written report.

  • Written Report: IRS compiles the data gathered during the survey into a written report. The written report details variations in construction, general condition, aesthetics and overall condition. The locations of specific items discussed are referenced to the CAD elevation drawings, if applicable.

  • Recommendations and Estimated Costs: IRS provides recommendations and provides an opinion of probable construction costs necessary to address observed deficiencies. Recommendations and budgets provided for the required restoration and repair are based upon our clients' goals and objectives for each facility.
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