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  • The Problem: Improper installation of the shingled roof system was the major cause of its premature failure. The fasteners installed were insufficient in length and not fully driven, contributing to significant shingle loss during even moderate windstorms. Missing and/or improperly installed sheet metal flashings were allowing water to enter the facilities interior spaces and caused decay of the plywood deck. The facility also lacked proper ventilation of its attic spaces, causing severe ice damming in addition to the premature deterioration of the asphalt shingles.

  • Our Solution: Redesign and replacement of the entire roof system. Our first priority was to provide adequate ventilation of the underlying attic space. Proper ventilation and insulation of the attic space prevented premature deterioration of the new shingle system and substantially reduce the severity of the ice damming. The existing shingle roof system was torn off down to the deck and deteriorated areas of decking were replaced. Ice dam flashing was installed along all eaves and rake edges, as well as at all valleys and projections. New underlayment and a 25 year shingle were selected and properly installed.

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