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  • The Problem: The facility had five additons since its original construction. During construction of a previous addition the entire building exterior the existing brick walls had received a white stone aggregate surfacing to give the building a new, uniform look. The new surfacing had incorporated many of the original galvanized metal flashings which had begun to rust, causing severe staining of the white aggregate surfacing. Water infiltration into the white mortar base of the aggregate surfacing was causing aggregate loss, leaving areas without aggregate.

  • Our Solution: Deteriorate galvanized flashings were replaced with pre-finished galvanized flashings. Areas of severe aggregate loss were prepared and resurfaced in kind. Then all aggregate surfaced areas were coated with a white elastomeric silicone coating to restore the buildings uniform appearance.

  • The Problem: The school was roofed with a variety of roof systems, which included EPDM, polyurethane foam, coal tar pitch, and asphalt and gravel. The roof deck types varied from wood plank, plywood, gypsum, and steel. The numerous additions had also resulted in numerous areas where the deck changed type and/or direction to infill between additions and the existing building structures, causing splitting and premature failure of their respective roof systems.

  • Our Solution: IRS developed a phased replacement of the schools entire roof system. The uniquie design challenges of resulting from shortcuts taken during their original construction required a separate design approach for each roof area. The final design of all roof areas incorporated a variety of roof systems with varied configurations.


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