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General Consultation services provide professional services for projects with variable or limited scope. 

  • Problem Analysis & Diagnosis:  Analysis and diagnosis of a specific problem to determine its cause and recommend potential solutions.

  • Building Survey and Evaluation:  Observation of a specific location to provide a general overview of construction and conditions.

  • Product Research:  Investigation of products to satisfy a specific client requirement.

  • Progress Observations:  On-site observation of construction work in progress, either under separate specifications and contract or beyond the normal scope of IRS design specification services.

  • System Selection:  Review of possible system alternatives in relation to a client's requirements.

  • Budget Analysis:  Review of appropriate systems in relation to the estimated cost.

  • Structural Analysis:  Analysis of pertinent construction information, in conjunction with a Professional Partner firm to determine structural conditions or capacity.

  • Environmental Analysis:  Gathering of pertinent information for the purpose of determining "R" values, analyzing dew-point problems, detecting the presence of asbestos (ACRM), etc.

  • Drainage Analysis:  Review of existing drainage systems and building structure for the purpose of changing or improving the method of water removal.

  • Miscellaneous Analysis:  Analysis of building systems such as plaza deck waterproofing, masonry walls, exterior sealants, etc., to provide a general overview of construction and conditions, to diagnose problems with limited scope, and to recommend potential solutions.
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