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Exterior Building Design & Specifications provide the analysis, design, and project administration services required to obtain the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to our client's building exterior problems.  The complexity and number of potential solutions available to address deficiencies and/or failures of exterior building waterproofing systems makes selecting a cost feasible solution a daunting task.  IRS Exterior Building Design & Specification services provide building owners and managers with proven, cost efficient solutions.  IRS provides its clients with a diagnoses of the deficiencies, then offers multiple solutions, balancing cost, effectiveness, longevity and aesthetics.

  • Research & Diagnostics:  A complete analysis of the existing system is completed to define the scope of work required, including confirmation of the diagnosis and development of methods to fact check potential solutions.

  • System Selection:  Potential systems are reviewed and a selection made after weighing our clients input, management objectives and our analysis of the existing system.  IRS then provides an opinion of probable cost to execute the finalized, agreed upon project scope.

  • Bidding Documents:  Detailed project specifications are developed for the purpose of securing competitive bids on the selected system.  As to be built projection drawings are provided to reduce costly change orders during construction.  IRS specifications are developed to provide a competitive bidding situation among contractors and material manufacturers.

  • Contractor Selection:  Our involvement with a variety of exterior building systems provides us with a good selection of contractors in most of the country.  IRS can assist our client in selecting a group of qualified contractors to bid on the finalized project scope.

  • Pre-Bid Conference:  For each project, a representative of IRS will conduct a pre-bid meeting to review the project scope, including miscellaneous site conditions and client requirements with the prospective bidders and a client representative.  This meeting ensures an understanding of the project documents by on-site personnel and the bidders.

  • Pre-Construction Meeting:  For each project, a representative of IRS will conduct a pre-construction meeting with the contractor's foreman and the client representative to review job-site conditions and project scope, project documents in order to clarify and resolve any questions before the start of construction.

  • Job Progress Observations:  Our involvement in this phase of the project varies from weekly to full-time reviews, depending on the complexity of the project, the contractor involved, and the needs and interests of our client.

  • Observation for Final Approval:  Every project is reviewed by a qualified representative of IRS prior to recommending final payment. This is not in lieu of a manufacturer's warranty inspection, where applicable.
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