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Comprehensive Roof Management Surveys provide and in-depth analytical examination of an existing roof systems construction, condition and on-going suitability to serve as a primary waterproofing component for the facility.  Client goals and objectives, in addition to information gathered during the survey, aid in preparing recommendations and budgets required to maintain or restore the roof systems watertight integrity over a five (5) year time period.

  • Roof Plan Drawings:  A scaled, CAD-generated roof plan of each facility is provided to identify individual roof areas and determine total square footage for the purpose of establishing budgets.  All perimeters and any projections that the client deems important will be shown on the plan.

  • Roof Conditions and Photographs:  The roof system's general appearance is examined to identify membrane surface conditions, flashing conditions, general drainage characteristics, excessive traffic patterns, etc., and to locate the presence of contaminants and/or previous repairs.  The adjacent building walls are also examined for conditions that could affect the performance of the roof system.  The conditions of all roof areas is confirmed and documented with color photographs.

  • Roof Construction:  Core cuts are taken on each roof area to identify roof deck type, roof system components, and to evaluate the general roof membrane condition.  Core cuts are not taken on areas where warranties are in effect. Laboratory testing may be performed on field and flashing membrane samples to identify ACRM's (Asbestos Containing Roofing Materials).

  • Roof Survey Data Forms:  Compilation of all data gathered during the survey, including general information relating to the individual roof area, historical information, roof system construction, roof projections, roof system conditions, drainage characteristics, general comments, and recommendations and budgets are provided on an easy-to-read data form and via the IRS OnLine Asset Management System.

  • Recommendations and Budgets:  Based upon the existing construction and conditions of each roof area, accurate budget figures are established for any required roofing work.

  • Executive Management Summary:  The data gathered is compiled, with client input on priorities and available moneys, into a comprehensive asset management program.  Necessary maintenance and re-roofing expenditures are forecasted annually over the life of the 5 year program.  All information gathered is stored and compiled on the IRS OnLine Asset Management System.  Clients can then take advantage of the Life-Cycle Cost Tracking, Capital Allocation Modeling, Financial Planning, Work Order, Reporting and document storage features of the IRS OnLine Asset Management System to aid them in the management of their enrolled facilities.
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