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Hardscape Annual Maintenance & Repair Specifications (AMRS) facilitate the execution of proactive hardscape maintenance by developing a photographically documented scope of work outlining repair method(s) and their locations.  Upon development of the AMRS,  competitive pricing is secured and documentation of the proper execution of identified repairs is accomplished utilizing the IRS Online Asset Management Program.

  • CAD Site Sketch Drawing:  Deficiencies within existing hardscapes recommended for preventive maintenance are identified and located on a CAD site sketch drawing and if appropriate marked on the hardscape surface.
  • Deficiency Photographs:  Each deficiency identified on the CAD site sketch drawing and roof surface is documented with a digital photograph corresponding to the deficiencies location on the CAD site sketch drawing.
  • Maintenance Scope of Work:  A written scope of work is created for each identified deficiency, describing the repair method(s) to be used in effecting the recommended repair.  Acceptable repair materials are listed and incorporated into the described repair method.

  • Competitive Bidding:  The Annual Maintenance & Repair Specifications (AMRS), photographs and CAD site sketch drawing locating each deficiency, are provided in hard copy and electronically on the IRS Online Asset Management Program for your records.  The AMRS allows contractors selected by our client to competitively bid the defined scope of work via the IRS Online Asset Management Program's secure contractor login.

  • Verification and Approval:  Verification and approval of completed Annual Maintenance & Repair Specifications (AMRS) are conducted by IRS via the IRS Online Asset Management Program by reviewing digital photographs submitted by the contractor of the completed work for each item prior to IRS recommending release of payment.

  • Documentation:  Documentation of the completed Annual Maintenance & Repair Specification is provided for client and contractor reference via the IRS Online Asset Management Program's Work Order module.   
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